In Times of Uncertainty, Nature Gives us Hope

Spring is a time of year we usually all look forward to. It brings warm weather, birds begin migrating north in huge numbers, flowers begin blooming, tree buds slowly open and new leaves emerge and wildlife become more active as they seek food and places to nest.

The promise of the growing season leaves us all with a sense of hope, especially in times of uncertainty. While we face perhaps one of the biggest public health crisis’ of our time, one thing remains certain – nature is here for us. Nature has been here for people through times of crisis before and will continue to be here for us moving forward, bringing us peace and a way to cope with our stress and anxiety.  Let nature be your refuge.

Studies have shown simply walking outdoors or in a forest can improve your mental and physical health. There are a growing number of people seeking out green spaces in today’s face paced society. Nature captivates people, it allows them to slow down a bit and provides a sense of serenity.

Walking through a forest, especially in spring, is one of the most remarkable experiences one can have. You may hear a wood frog calling out  (sounds like a clucking chicken), or you may hear spring peepers, which make high pitch shrill calls. These sounds are clear indicators that a new season is upon us.

Nature is truly incredible and it reminds us that things are constantly changing and evolving. As each season comes and goes, it reminds us hope lies ahead and that this health crisis shall too, pass.

While we patiently wait for this uncertain season in our lives to pass, get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Go for a walk, a hike or simply sit in the woods and just listen, you won’t be disappointed.


Photo: Hannah Reynolds, picture taken at Baldwin Park Trails, Onondaga, MI

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